Xbuzz: New Social Media Network

Hey guys, there is a new social media out online which goes by the name of Xbuzz.
Xbuzz New Social Media Network

What is Xbuzz

Xbuzz is a social network created for the main purpose of bringing the world more closer to us than we can ever imagine. There are many social media networks out there with their own unique difference and  Xbuzz seems to also be unique in it's own way.

Xbuzz can be accessed through any mobile device with an Internet access. Similar to Facebook and other social media networks out there, Xbuzz can be used as for sending messages to friend. It can also be used to meet new people online and possibly make friends with them.

It is a very wide network with so many functionalities. It combines the unique functionalities of  so many social networks out there which will make it stand out in due time.

Xbuzz is built with a top advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) security to block out any and all hacker that may threaten the account of any Xbuzz user. Xbuzz users are safer at Xbuzz than at any other social media network out there. We often hear about Facebook account hacking, Instagram account hacking, and there was also a time when we heard that there were ways to hack WhatsApp accounts and see the conversation of the victim. Xbuzz  builders has guaranteed its users that there will be no such case with Xbuzz.

The social network is so wide it also has a market place where users can buy or sell there products. People who sell would be charged 15% for whatever they sell on Xbuzz. People who buy on Xbuzz can make their purchase either through Credit card or PayPal. Those are the only methods of payment allowed on Xbuzz for now but hopefully, more methods will be added.


Here is just a brief layout of what can be done on Xbuzz;

  • Send and Receive friend requests,
  • Send and Receive messages,
  • Send files of various formats,
  • Post new update
  • View what others post,
  • Buy/Sell things,
  • Anti hacker protection.

Xbuzz Sign Up

If you think you liked all what you just read about the platform, why not sign up to Xbuzz and join the buzzers.

Click here to sign up

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