How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

If you want to remove your Gmail account then you can do it easily with the aid of the step-by - step guide mentioned in the article below. To continue with the method just follow the steps below.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently
    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

    Gmail is one of the most popular social media networks with the largest number of registered users and it could be that nearly every person on the internet is also on the Gmail. Setting up a new Gmail account is easy; you just need to fill in a few blanks with the required details to choose your ID and password, and that's it! Build a new Gmail account. You can now log into your new account using that ID and password, and start enjoying the features and functions of Gmail. But if you want your Gmail accounts to be deleted it's not that easy;You can only deactivate your account, which will reactivate as soon as you log in and there is no such direct option that allows you to permanently delete your Gmail account within the Gmail. Yet stay tuned! There may be some other way to permanently delete your Gmail account and this approach was written down in depth in the article below. To learn about that method, go and read the post.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

    Remember that you should log out of each of your multiple Gmail accounts before you can proceed to this step if you are going to delete up to the Gmail account and you are logged into your multiple Gmail accounts. When you don't log out of the accounts, the other Gmail accounts can be affected too.

    Steps on How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently :

    1. Sign in to your Gmail account, which you want to permanently remove by filling in your credentials on the Gmail sign tab. When you have logged in to your Gmail account, go to the Account Preferences option in the pull-down menu to access it by clicking on the downward pointing arrow from your account's homepage.

    2. From the Account preferences page, you will just have to click on the Data Tools at the top of the screen. Now you'll see the box of data tools on the screen, scroll down to the tab of account management and then find and click on the option "Delete account and data."

    3. Now you'll need to test all the options in the form of a checkbox so you can confirm your account's deletion and get to hear about the impact of this on your services and data etc. So try reading all of these options and then review all of them to proceed further.

    4. Eventually, you'll be asked to fill in your account 's password, so you'll need to recheck a few options and after all, you'll finally be granted access to delete your account. Just click the "Delete Google Account" button and your request will then be processed. All the data and related services will automatically be closed within a few days or may be hours depending on the amount of data stored or used.

    So, finally, you've got the method by which you can permanently delete your Gmail account easily, so there's no need to wait too long to delete your Gmail account and it's info. Everything that will happen immediately and from that moment on, you won't find your account. And if you've also been contemplating permanently deleting your Gmail account just use this form and you'll definitely get all the performance.

    How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

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