How to Build 300+ Profile DoFollow Backlink with Ease Like A Pro

How to Build 300+ Profile Dofollow Backlink with Ease Like A Pro

What is backlink

How Build 300+ Profile Backlink with Ease


A backlink is simply a link to another from one website. Search engines such as Google use backlinks as a ranking signal because it indicates that they think the content is remarkable when one website links to another. High-quality backlinks will help improve the ranking position and popularity of a site in the results of search engines (SEO).



How do Backlinks Work?


In search engine algorithms, SEO, and your overall strategy for increasing your website, backlinks play an important role.

 It would be best to think of backlinks as conversations between websites.

 John is a blogger, for instance, and he is writing a very interesting article about a sporting event.

 Samantha, another writer, refers to John's article as she shares her viewpoint. This provides a backlink to John's post as she blogs about the subject on her well-known online magazine blog.

 Many other websites would connect back to her article because the online magazine is famous. This increases the authority of the online paper, and from a reputable source, John's article also gets a valuable backlink.

 It is essentially a win-win situation


Backlink Types

Two specific types of backlinks are available, and one is more useful than the other. Let's take a quick look at each one and how your site is influenced by them.

 How Build 300+ Profile Backlink with Ease


A Nofollow tag informs a connection to be ignored by search engines. No meaning is transferred from one location to another. So, they are generally not helpful in enhancing your search rank or visibility.


The type of backlink that everyone wants is Dofollow links. Also bear in mind that the most trust is kept by those coming from respected sources. This sort of backlink will help boost the rankings of your search engine.


There are dofollow ties, however, that are considered to be poor or 'toxic'. These connections come from dubious sites or are accessed by violating the terms of service of the search engine.



Now you may be wondering how to build many backlinks in a short period, I can tell you this is possible and less time consuming, I going to show you how to build over 300 profile backlinks at once, this backlinks DA ranges from DA50 - DA90+. Now let’s get down to the main business


I have come to discover a/some websites in which over 300 websites are connected to it.

Citing as an example; let’s assume as the main website and now assume all blogs created under blogspot as the associated website, now lets say you registered on and updated your profile with your web address, this same login and profile used in creating the account can be used in accessing other blogs associated with   Let me make it clearer

You registered and created a profile on 

Some of the associated blogs with are






Now let’s say your profile url is something like this  “”, when you visit the associated blogspot site like “” you don’t need to create a profile, as your previous profile on is used on those associated blogs. So all you need is to visit ( )  and you will see some of your profile details which includes your bio and web link with the anchor text covering it.

If you also visit





You will also see your profile web link there, now imagine having over 300 associated website, if you just build on the main one, your profile back link will appear on the other 300+ associated website, how easy it is.


Getting down to the Building Proper

Now I’m going to show you the main blog and other associated blog, to start building the backlinks, make sure you have a working device with good internet connection, I would prefare you use a laptop for flexibility.


Now visit this two websites



Register and create your profile.  Please do not sign in with goolge/fb/linkedin or any other platform, make sure you do the normal registration, this is so that you can be able to note your username.


Fill in the registration form as shown below


How Build 300+ Profile Backlink with Ease


After that note your user

Note these

Put in your link with either http or https depending on which on you use

Please,use Longkey phrase for your url anchor

Don’t use “Download mp3”  you can use” Download Latest Trending  Mp3 in Nigeria


Don’t  use “free browsing”  you can use” Get the latest free browsing with VPN here”


Just use something that summarizes your blog.


How Build 300+ Profile Backlink with Ease


I used my blog homepage for the profile url, but I will advise you to use a blog post that you want to rankand use the post title as the anchor text


How Build 300+ Profile Backlink with Ease


At the end of this post I will give you the associated links so you can visit and confirm if your url that shows in the main site is showing in the associated site profile.

After registration please note your url down,  because you are going to edit the user name in the associated links I’m giving you ,to your own username.

You will have to change “” to “”.

To do this you have to copy all the associated links I posted to Microsoft word, after you have pasted them hold “CTRL” BUTTON and Press ‘H’ 

How Build 300+ Profile Backlink with Ease


A dialogue pox will open like the one shown in the image, in the first box enter the username you want to change and in the 2nd box enter the username you want to change to, then select “replace all” and save it.

By now your profile backlinks should be on all those associated links, and now we move to how to fast index the back links



How fast index your built backlinks

Fast indexing is good but when you build much and fast index them it becomes a reg flag to search engines.

I will suggest you spread the index in of those built backlink to 2-3 months so it will not be seen as spamming,you can fast index like 10-15 links weekly to be on the safe side

Fast Indexing Proper

For you to have your buitt backlinks indexed, you have to build backlink to your alsready buit backlink

E.g   we have already built a profile baclink to





So we have to build backlinks to those already built backlink.

How do we do that?  We do that by using the built backlinks url as comments on forums and blog.

You have a profile backlink on

To make it index faster you have to

1. Visit a blog or forum that support raw html (RAW in the sense that after commenting on the link and its posted,  the commented link can be clickable) don’t worry, I will provide you with some websites that support raw html) 

2. Now go to the comment box and input the ““ in the comment box and submit.


The gist there is that Google crawls forums and blog post faster than it crawls web profile, so when your built backlink is in the comment section, when Google or Moz visits the post comment, it will see your link as an external link, and visit it, thereby crawling whatever it meets on the landing page of the external link, which may contain your blog link which is on your profile.


 After commenting those links, remember I said your profile might be used for the associate website profile or not, so in this case we have to check.

So go to those commented links and open each of them in a new page to see if your profile and blog link appears, if it does not, you have to register with that same username and add your link to the profile. Do this for the other links after commenting them.


After doing all this you will see your blog DA rise upto DA 35-40



People may be greedy with building backlink and it may hurt your blog, its not advicable you index the whole 300+ link within one month this is because search engines will see it as spam and your domain may not rank.

spread the indexing to upto 4 months+ so it will not be flagged

Below contains 300+ Associated links and also Forum sites where you can build more Backlinks and also index your already built backlinks




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