InsMeApp Review – Is InsMeApp Legit or Scam

InsMeApp Review – Is InsMeApp Legit or Scam, How to Earn from Insme Investment, Insme Rgistration, Insme Login

What is InsMe 

In Nigeria, InsMe is an Approved Affiliate Network of InsHeart. In 2015, with the strong support of IG, InsHeart, an international interactive online community for IG users, was jointly created by dozens of the most influential European and American internet celebrities. After training, InsHeart focuses on getting global IG customers together, strengthening contact with each other and providing IG with the best guidance so that they can continue to improve as well. InsHeart opened its forum to the people of Nigeria in October 2020 with the appointment of InsMe. The InsMe member will now gain additional income by helping to promote the IG ads through InsHeart.

What is the business model of InsMe?

InsMe has two business models that are distinct. First of all, by clicking on Like on the popular marketing material in IG, InsMe members can get rewards. Second, because of the scarcity of network infrastructure, InsMe actively increases the promotion of internet celebrities who have talent but are still anonymous.

InsMeApp Review-Investment Plans for InsMeApp

The investment packages are as follow


InsMe Trial 168.00

Eligible daily for 2 Number of missions


InsMe 1 1680.00

Eligible daily for 3 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):28


InsMe 2 6888.00

Eligible daily for 5 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):69


InsMe 3 62888.00

Eligible daily for 25 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):125


InsMe 4 148888.00

Eligible daily for 38 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):195


InsMe 5 298888.00

Eligible daily for 70 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):213


InsMe 6 638888.00

Eligible daily for 140 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):228


InsMe 7 1488888.00

Eligible daily for 290 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):256


InsMe 8 2988888.00

Eligible daily for 580 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):258


InsMe 9 6388888.00

Eligible daily for 1238 Number of missions

Pay per mission(NGN):258


InsMeApp Review – Is InsMeApp Legit or Scam

The image above is my earning screenshot

InsMeApp Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern, all company wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.
There are 6 levels of the Individual Team Reward. They reward is 6% for the 1st level, 5% for the 2nd level, 4% for the 3rd level, 3% for the 4th level, 2% for the 5th level and 1% for the 6th level.
For example, when your 1st level in your team is having 100 people, and the total Mission Reward earned reward is $1,000, then you are eligible to get an Individual Team Reward of $60 per month.
The same calculation goes to the 2nd and 3rd level.

InsMeApp Sign up

At present, InsMe is only open to the Nigerian market, and the member registration is completely free.
The free member account may accept 2 missions daily for 10 consecutive days, and then the member is required to sign up the lowest package with InsMe to continuing obtain InsMe missions.

InsMeApp Registration

InsMeApp Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it might be needed of you.

User Name
Phone Number

Basically, as long as a person is a Nigerian citizen with legal ID cards and bank accounts, they can simply sign up any package offered by InsMe.

InsMeApp Login

Before you have access to InsMeApp login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.
To login InsMeApp only the below is needed
Phone number

Is InsMeApp Legit

The InsMeApp platform has a clear and well outlined model, it’s currently legit and no complaints yet. Looking at the site duration, that’s encouraging.
The platform was created on the 6th of October in 2020 with a 2yrs duration. This could be a green light that it’s certainly staying around for long

Is InsMeApp Scam

On the basics of this InsMeApp review, No one has
reported it’s scam to me yet and due to number of logged files on my checklist, always share your opinion in the comments section.
This will help potential Investors or users of the platform from falling prey. Likewise, don’t forget to also scroll down to check if there is any comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do InsMe members earn an income?

InsMe has a trade agreement with IG: 10% of the significant marketing expenses paid by IG merchants will be allocated as rewards to InsMe members. To accumulate considerable rewards, InsMe members only need to accept and perform the given tasks through the InsMe platform.

Why does InsMe cooperate with IG?

As we all know, the parent company of IG, IG, compared to Facebook, is rather limited because the page of the IG internet celebrity is only allowed to be viewed by its own fans, which significantly reduces the exposure rate of the influential marketing campaign of the merchant. InsMe compensates for this IG restriction, so that each Internet celebrity's IG page can also attract the attention of other IG members, including non-IG members.

Is it possible for everybody to become an InsMe member?

InsMe is currently only open to the Nigerian market, and registration for members is completely free of charge. For 3 consecutive days, the free member account may accept 2 missions daily, and then the member is required to sign up with InsMe for the lowest package to continue obtaining InsMe missions. If a member wants to get more InsMe missions, they need to sign up for a higher package where more InsMe missions will be granted the higher the signed package.

What are the requirements for a participant to sign up for a package?

InsMe has 9 packages, one of which is free, and the other (8) is subscription-based. Basically, if a person with legal ID cards and bank accounts is a Nigerian citizen, they can simply sign up for any package offered by InsMe.

What is the member's mission?

The InsMe mission is simple. You are eligible to accept various tasks entrusted by IG to the InsMe platform as long as you are willing to download and register the InsMe and IG applications. Members can choose any mission at will and then, according to a simple process, complete the missions to get the reward given by IG.

 What is the influential annual marketing fee paid to IG by the Merchant?

IG currently has total sales of as much as USD 20 billion per year from the influential marketing sector. In other words, each year, InsMe will receive USD 2 billion from IG.

If after signing the InsMe package, a member wants to quit, will InsMe refund the money that is paid to InsMe?

When a member decides to sign up for the InsMe package, their own financial affordability must first be considered. Once the member decides to leave the membership, InsMe will not provide the member with any refund. These are the rules and regulations established by the IG. InsMe will submit all the funds collected to IG as appropriate when members sign up for an InsMe package. In return, IG will pay InsMe a handling fee as the InsMe operating expenses when any member performs any task successfully as per the guidelines.

After performing InsMe missions, how do members withdraw cash?

To facilitate the remittance, InsMe will require each member to verify their identity and fill in their banking information.

What are the risks of becoming a member of InsMe?

InsMe is an American legal social platform registered in the U.S., and has passed the U.S. rigorous review. Companies Registry, and belongs to an interactive online global community. As each single cent collected by InsMe will be submitted directly to IG and followed by a monthly audit ensuring that everything is error-free, the membership of the member is very safe and very low risk exposure is considered.

Is InsMe offering other rewards in addition to the rewards of the InsMe missions?

There are two distinct types of rewards for InsMe, namely Mission Reward and Individual Team Reward.

13 If A first signs up for InsMe 1 (the daily mission reward is 84) and A wants to upgrade to InsMe 2 after 10 days (the daily mission reward is 344). Is this possible?

All InsMe packages are valid for 60 days and members are permitted to upgrade as desired to any package. However if a member has successfully upgraded to a higher package, the remaining Mission Day will be automatically calculated and added to the new package's Mission Day according to the system calculation. As for the above example, A completed 10 days of mission and stayed 50 days of mission incomplete (50 days of X daily mission reward as 84 = 4200). The system then splits 4200 with InsLike 2's Daily Mission Reward (344) to get 12 days and then adds the 12 days to extend InsMe 2's initial Mission Day to 65 days (60 + 5 = 72).

14 What is a Personal Team Reward?

As the name implied, you build your own team by referencing members successfully. You will be able to get extra Individual Team Reward as the leader of your personal team from the total Mission Reward earned by each member of your personal group. There are six individual team reward levels, which are 16% for the 1st level, 8% for the 2nd level, 4% for the 3rd level, 1% for the 4th level, 1% for the 5th level and 1% for the 6th level. For example, if you have 100 people at your 1st level in your team, and the total Mission Reward earned reward is $1,000, then you are eligible to receive a $60 per month Individual Team Reward. The 2nd and 3rd levels are calculated the same way.

Is InsMe suddenly going to disappear?

Any business can disappear in the world, any government, any empire, and even an entire civilization. That said, our IG collaboration agreement is 20 years old, and InsMe stakeholders, board members and teams are all looking forward to growing and gaining more members over the next two decades.

Can members reuse the same identity to sign an InsMe package?

Hey, no. To the IG merchants, this is very unfair. Should our forensics team collect evidence that InsMe policies have been violated by a member, InsMe will immediately terminate the account and confiscate the funds.

How rapid is the process of withdrawal?

As soon as we have received the member's withdrawal order, we will transfer cash to our corporate bank. Typically, the bank needs 48 hours to make the transfer.

 If I want to become InsMe's online celebrity, what are the conditions?

As an internet celebrity, we welcome and encourage any Nigerian to join InsMe and then become a spokesperson for our platform. You can simply sign up as our internet celebrity by contacting InsMe customer service as long as you are over 18 years old and own an IG account. Being the spokesperson for InsMe is totally free. We're going to invite all IG members to become your fans and make you popular overnight!

InsMeApp Review – Is InsMeApp Legit or Scam, How to Earn from Insme, Insme Rgistration, Insme Login

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